Christina Bradford, Owner and Operator of Second Chance Sporthorses

My 5 year old OTTB gelding, Avery, has been off and on lame since I purchased him from auction March ’13.  We signed him up for a massage by Nell hoping she can help pinpoint where his lameness is coming from.  Nell was extremely compassionate.  Avery enjoyed his session with her even when she was touching a sore area.  She took her time with him and helped me understand his reactions. Since his massage, he has been very loose, comfortable, and his demeanor has changed with injunction of a lameness work up and injection of his stifle that Nell helped pinpoint as his troublesome area.  Just the other night, as seen in the above picture, Avery enjoyed galloping with the herd when before he would trot behind after them.  He is one happy boy and feeling much better!

I appreciated her follow up e-mails and her kind words describing my beloved horse. We are now permanent clients and will not go anywhere else for a massage!


Pam Dors, Breeder and Owner, Evergreen Farm, Berryville, VA

We have personally used Nell for our own show horses and have found her expertise to be an invaluable asset to the cooling down and relaxation process after a heavy workout.  Just like my own workout sessions, it is nice to get a deep tissue massage, to help relax my tired muscles.  I found that my stallion, who is back in jumper work after several years off, really enjoyed Nell’s session after a particularly tough workout.  He was able to tell her where he needed extra “help” and where he was “good to go”.


Walter Davis, Farrier, Winchester, VA

Typically my mare, Chunks, is very tense and excited when I first get on.  After receiving a massage from Nell of Healing Hands for the Horse, I immediately hopped on bareback with just a halter.  Chunks was much more relaxed and responsive than she would normally have been.