Why Horse Massage?

Winchester VA Equine Massage

Equine Sports Massage Therapy may help provide:

  • release of muscle tension
  • increased muscular range of motion
  • increased fluidity of muscle motion
  • prevention of muscle-related injuries
  • reduced muscular inflammation associated with exercise
  • horse relaxation and cooperative attitude

Horse massage can help with:

  • ongoing maintenance of a sound horse
  • recent or upcoming trailering
  • recent or upcoming competition
  • training level changes
  • psychological stress or traumatic event
  • change of discipline or rider for a horse

Horses who have benefitted from massage include show horses to pleasure horses, and those in all disciplines of riding.

Horse massage is not a substitute for regular veterinary, dental and farrier care. It is an exemplary component of supplemental care for horse well-being.

About Nell

Equine Massage TherapistNell provides Equissage certified equine sports massage therapy with care and knowledge. Nell is an Ivy League graduate, avid horse person, rider and previous horse owner.

Nell provides the very best care for you and your horse. Serving over 300 horses in all disciplines of riding since 2004. Read more about Nell here.


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